Casio ROOT-8S  
Written by Accutron on 2008-11-02  

Though superficially mundane, the Casio ROOT-8S is actually a highly unusual marriage of brands and technologies. Although most Casio calculators from the early 1970s are equipped with Hitachi, NEC or Toshiba chips and a tubular or planar VFD, the ROOT-8S is built upon a Texas Instruments TMS-0126 single chip calculator, and features a bright red 8-digit LED display. While US manufacturers such as Bowmar, HP and TI relied exclusively on LED technology in their early handheld designs, LED displays were scarce in the Japanese calculator industry. The ROOT-8S is a rare exception to this rule.

Despite this early example of cooperation between Casio and TI, the two companies would soon become direct rivals in the calculator business, with nearly identical target markets and price points across their entire product lines.

Casio ROOT-8S handheld calculator. In addition to its other atypical technologies, the ROOT-8S has a full-travel spring driven keypad.

ROOT-8S, enlargement of LED display and TMS-0126 calculator chip.

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