Anod A-107 & A-108  
Written by Accutron on 2017-02-21  

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Anod A-107 selector (12-pin miniature base)
Anod A-108 selector (12-pin miniature base; pictured in thumbnail)

The Anod A-107 and A-108 are the smallest dekatrons ever commercially produced. Housed in a familiar IN-2 Nixie tube envelope, The A-107 and A-108 are even smaller than the legendary Elesta ECT100. The A-107 and A-108 have 10 shaped cathodes, and are capable of operating as a base-5 or base-10 device. All 10 cathodes are brought out to separate pins, allowing for great versatility in operation, though the shaped cathodes restrict the A-107 and A-108 to unidirectional counting. The A-107 can operate at an incredibly fast 1MHz, but a heavy silvering at the top of the envelope prevents direct viewing of the count position. The A-108 is directly viewable, but contains a different fill gas and is only capable of 10KHz operation.

Anod also manufactured the A-109, structurally identical to the A-108 but containing a different fill gas which permits counting speeds up to 100KHz.

Soviet Dekatron Datasheet (PDF)

Anod A-107 selector dekatron.

Anod A-108 selector dekatron.

A-108 dekatron, top view.

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