Raytheon CK7978 & CK8262  
Written by Accutron on 2017-02-21  

Devices included in this entry:

Raytheon CK7978 selector (13-pin compact base)
Raytheon CK8262 selector (13-pin compact base; pictured in thumbnail)

The Raytheon CK7978 and CK8262 are examples of Raytheon's in-house dekatron development. While other Raytheon dekatrons are second-source versions of Sylvania devices, the CK7978 and CK8262 are original Raytheon designs. The CK7978, similar to the ETL GS10H, is a standard neon-filled double pulse selector dekatron capable of 5KHz operation.

The Raytheon CK8262 is an extremely rare experimental high speed variant of the CK7978. The CK8262 appears to be filled with some sort of Penning mixture, and can attain speeds of 100KHz.

Raytheon CK7978 Datasheet (PDF)

Raytheon CK7978 selector dekatron.

CK7978 dekatron, top view.

Raytheon CK8262 high speed selector dekatron, engineering sample.

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