Texas Instruments TIL311  
Written by Accutron on 2017-02-14  

The Texas Instruments TIL311 is easily the most common and readily available of all single-digit hexadecimal smart displays. Used in countless types of equipment since the 1970s, the TIL311 includes an integrated BCD decoder and hexadecimal character generator. The TIL311 is comparable in size to dumb displays such as the TIL302 and Monsanto MAN1, but is significantly larger than HP's competing 5082-7340 device.

One unusual problem with the TIL311 is that the plastic package can severely degrade over time. This degradation is similar to the 'acetate rot' phenomenon which plagues collectors of vintage casino dice.

Texas Instruments TIL311 Datasheet (PDF)

Texas Instruments TIL311 intelligent LED display.

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