Data I/O 29B  
Written by Accutron on 2017-05-16  

Devices included in this entry:

Data I/O 29B Universal Programmer (pictured in thumbnail)
Data I/O 29B GangPak programming module (pictured in thumbnail)

The Data I/O 29B Universal Programmer is a specialized development system capable of programming, testing and verifying a wide range of MOS memory and logic devices. The 29B accepts a range of programming modules, or Paks, which each support a specialized range of functions. The 29B pictured here has a Data I/O GangPak installed, which is capable of programming eight identical EPROMs in a single operation, or partition a single program across multiple EPROMs. Other programming Paks include the LogicPak, MOSPak and UniPak, each with a different feature set.

Data I/O 29B Universal Programmer (PDF)
Data I/O GangPak User Note (PDF)

Data I/O 29B Universal Programmer with GangPak installed.

29B Universal Programmer, internal construction.

Data I/O GangPak programming module.

GangPak, view of underside card cage.

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