IBM Model B Executive  
Written by Accutron on 2017-04-13  

Introduced in 1954, the Model B Executive electric typewriter (also known as the Model 41C) is the third iteration of the original IBM Electromatic Model 04, one of the most advanced typebar-based typewriters ever produced. Unlike other typewriters, IBM Executive models have an elaborate multi-escapement mechanism which advances a variable number of increments in accordance with the width of the typed character. This generates proportionally spaced print with a more typeset appearance than a standard typewriter. The Model B Executive also has interchangeable baskets in a range of fonts, a clumsy precursor to the interchangeable type elements used in the IBM Selectric. Weighing nearly 50lb, the Model B Executive is a massive commercial-use typewriter, with a large side-mounted carbon ribbon and take-up spool located under metal covers on either side of the machine.

IBM also produced the Model B Standard, a third generation version of the Electromatic Model 01 with fixed-width print and a smaller ribbon installed in the main body of the typewriter. The Model B Standard was modified for use as an input terminal on a number of early computers, including the Bendix G-15, DEC PDP-1 and IBM 1620.

IBM Model B Brochure (PDF)
IBM ET Parts Manual (PDF)
IBM ET News Letter No. 15 (PDF)

IBM Model B Executive electric typewriter, serial number 206685, manufactured in 1958.

Model B Executive, interchangeable basket.

Model B Executive, side-mounted carbon ribbon take-up spool.

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