ETL GS10C Series  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2006-10-31  


Devices included in this entry:

Baird Atomic GS10C selector (duodecal base; pictured in thumbnail)
Amperex Z502S selector (duodecal base)

ETL / Baird Atomic dual logo GS10C/S selector (duodecal base)

The GS10C is the counterpart to the GC10B, a basic 4 kHz selector with a neon fill gas. Though originally made by Ericsson, the GS10C was manufactured by innumerable companies under different part numbers. The GS10C/S is identical to the GS10C in every observable characteristic, but is 'designated for military use'; Ericsson-ese for 'more holy water'.

ETL GS10C/S Datasheet (PDF)
Phillips Z502S Datasheet (PDF)


Barid Atomic GS10C selector tube.

Amperex Z502S, a GS10C clone.

ETL/Baird Atomic GS10C/S, another variant part number of the GS10C.

Metal base variant 'Etelco'-branded Ericsson GS10C.

Like many selectors, the GS10C uses a duodecal socket.

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