RCA 1P28 & 1P28A  
Written by Accutron on 2017-05-09  

Devices included in this entry:

RCA 1P28 9-stage photomultiplier (pictured in thumbnail)
RCA 1P28A 9-stage photomultiplier
EMI 9660B 9-stage photomultiplier
EMI 9781RA 9-stage photomultiplier

The RCA 1P28 is an early 9-stage general purpose photomultiplier designed for the detection of UV and visible light. The 1P28 has an S-5 spectral response, with a peak response at 3400nm. Following the 1P28, RCA introduced the 1P28A, a variant with a higher luminous sensitivity and improved baseline sensitivity above 580nm.

EMI manufactured replacement types for the 1P28 and 1P28A, in both standard and compact base variants.

RCA 1P28 Datasheet (PDF)
RCA 1P28A Bulletin (PDF)
EMI Photomultiplier Tubes (PDF)
EMI Photomultiplier Tubes Supplement (PDF)

RCA 1P28 9-stage photomultiplier, standard and masked variations.

RCA 1P28A 9-stage photomultiplier.

The EMI 9660B is a compact base variant of the 9661B, EMI's replacement type for the RCA 1P28.

The 9871RA is a replacement type for the RCA 1P28A. The 9781RA has an extended S-5 spectral response and a sensitivity range of 185-750nm.

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