Remington SR-101  
Written by Accutron on 2017-04-13  

The Remington SR-101 is an unusual licensed clone of the IBM Correcting Selectric II. Despite the fact that the SR-101 mechanism is nearly part-for-part identical to the Correcting Selectric II, it is an unreliable machine with a high failure rate. Folklore states that IBM provided Remington with incorrect material specifications in the Selectric IP transfer, plaguing the SR-101 with mechanical problems.

The Remington SR-101 was first produced in 1975 under the Sperry-Remington brand name. In 1978, Remington acquired the Selectric IP from Sperry. Machines from 1978 onward were manufactured by Remington subsidiaries in Holland and Italy, and sold in the USA as the Remington Rand 101.

Remington SR-101, later example branded as the Remington Rand 101.

SR-101, internal construction. The SR-101 is mechanically nearly identical to the IBM Correcting Selectric II.

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