Burroughs BX-3000 / 6712 & BX-3001  
Written by Accutron on 2009-06-15  

Devices included in this entry:

Westinghouse BX-3000 unshielded Beam-X Switch (pictured in thumbnail)
Burroughs BX-3001 unshielded Beam-X Switch

The Burroughs BX-3000 is a high current Beam-X variant, known by only a handful of surviving examples. The BX-3000 may have been used as a microwave frequency noise source in radar jammers, as it was investigated for such use by the US Air Force in 1963. The Westinghouse BX-3000 shown here is particularly unique, because it is one of only a few known examples of a re-branded Burroughs beam switching tube.

The Burroughs BX-3001 is a completely undocumented type. The part number is not listed in available Burroughs documentation, and the device in our collection is one of the only known examples. If Burroughs numbering convention is being followed, the BX-3001 should be a variant of the BX-3000.

Westinghouse BX-3000, an extremely rare example of a re-branded Burroughs beam switching tube. Note the silver part number, applied by Burroughs, with vestigial parenthesis left over from the standard printing. The Westinghouse logo, applied after manufacture, is printed in white.

Westinghouse BX-3000 box, with French print for compatibility with Quebec-based radar jammers.

Burroughs BX-3001, possibly a variant of the high current BX-3000.

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