IBM Personal Wheelwriter 25  
Written by Accutron on 2017-04-14  

In 1984, IBM began phasing out their Selectric product line in favor of the Wheelwriter and Quietwriter, two new series of electronic typewriters. While the Quietwriter was not a successful product, the daisy wheel-based Wheelwriter would come to dominate the professional typewriter market through the late 1980s and early 1990s. Wheelwriter typewriters were available in two basic form factors: the standard body style used on the original Wheelwriter and Quietwriter models from 1984, and a more compact body style, first introduced in 1988 with the Personal Wheelwriter. The Personal Wheelwriter 25 pictured here is a later variant from 1992, which includes 32kB of memory and a two-line LCD display.

All models of Wheelwriter employ IBM's famous buckling spring key mechanism, best known from their Model M computer keyboards. Both the Wheelwriter and the Model M keyboard were manufactured at IBM's printer factory in Lexington, Kentucky. This factory is currently owned by Unicomp, a keyboard manufacturer which still produces Model M keyboards using the original IBM injection molds.

IBM Personal Wheelwriter 25. Later examples of Wheelwriter such as this one were sold with dual IBM/Lexmark branding, after IBM divested a portion of their manufacturing operations in 1991.

Personal Wheelwriter 25, daisy wheel print mechanism.

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