Burroughs BX-1204  
Written by Accutron on 2009-08-23  

Little is known about the BX-1204, but it is believed to be a specialized noise generator, which may function in a similar manner to the BD-401 pictured above. The entire known part series (BX-1202, BX-1203 / 6713, BX-1204) is represented by only a few surviving examples.

Members of the BX-120x series are unique in their internal construction, with their shield grid elements tied together at both the top and bottom of the spade cage. All other Beam-X types which have been internally examined (BX-1000, BX-2004, BX-2012, BX-3000, BX-3001) are equipped with shield grid elements which are only tied together at the top of the spade cage. All known members of the BX-120x series are completely undocumented at this time; the purpose of the extra electrical connections is a matter of speculation.

Burroughs BX-1204 Beam-X Switch manufactured in 1969. the BX-1204 exhibits the typical secondary manufacturing characteristics present in other late-production Beam-X Switch tubes, including white print and a newer type of shield grid wiring.

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