Siemens DLG3416  
Written by Accutron on 2017-02-16  

The Siemens DLG3416 is an advanced descendant of the Litronix DL1416, equipped with 5x7 bitmap characters instead of the traditional 16-segment characters used in earlier devices. While the DL1416 is constrained to only 64 characters, the bitmap configuration of the DLG3416 allows for a full 7-bit ASCII repertoire of 128 characters.

This device is available in three variants: DLR3416 (red), DLO3416 (high efficiency red) and DLG3416 (green).

Special thanks to Dr. Bruce Jarnot for donating this display.

Siemens DLx3416 Datasheet (PDF)

Siemens DLG3416 alphanumeric intelligent LED display.

DLG3416, underside construction.

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