Bulova Accutron TE-14  
Written by Accutron on 2009-12-27  

The Bulova Accutron TE-14 Calendar Clock is a small panel-mount clock with a 1000-day resettable counter. The TE-14 is based on a standard Accutron 214 tuning fork movement, used in early models of Accutron wristwatch. Folklore states that this specific type of clock was used in Cold War-era photographic reconnaissance aircraft. The TE-14 was also available with a 1-31 day display in place of the 1000-day counter.

Bulova's earliest contributions to the US space program consisted of Accutron instrument timers, used aboard numerous satellite and manned flight programs. The Bulova Timer Laboratory ultimately produced over 200 different models of military and industrial instrument timers with specialized complications, including a 1000-day counter, a 5-year switch, a cycle timer and a digital output timer. Such devices are among the rarest of all Accutron timepieces.

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Accutron: A Chronometric Micro-Powerplant (PDF)

Bulova Accutron TE-14 Calendar Clock. The TE-14 features a miniature 34x34mm panel mount case, and was also available in an alternate D-shaped side-mount case.

TE-14 Calendar Clock, 214HH movement with M9 (1969) date code stamped on the pillar plate.

TE-14 Calendar Clock, internal view of totalizer. Most 214 variants have a pillar plate with a beveled face designed to accept a domed dial, but the TE-14 has an unusual flat-faced pillar plate, designed to mount flush with the flat rear plate of the totalizer sub-assembly.

TE-14 Calendar Clock, internal view of reset pins. The 0-999 day totalizer has individually resettable digits with spring-loaded reset pins. These pins are accessible from the outside of the case through three pinholes.

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