Honeywell GG440A18 'Golden Gnat' Rate Gyroscope  
Written by Accutron on 2009-12-29  

The Honeywell GG440 Golden Gnat rate gyroscope was a common feature of Cold War-era military guidance equipment. The GG440 and its direct descendants were used in the F-104, F-4, F-15 and F-16 aircraft, as well as numerous radar and missile systems.

It appears that Honeywell no longer produces these devices, and legacy support is provided by the military contractor US Dynamics.

FLIGHT International Magazine, March 14, 1963: MH-97G Autopilot for the F-104G (PDF)
US Dynamics Rate Gyroscopes: 475 Series Datasheet (PDF)

Honeywell GG440A18 Golden Gnat.

Honeywell GG440A18 Golden Gnat.

Honeywell GG440A18 Golden Gnat.

Internal diagram of US Dynamics 475 Series rate gyroscope. The 475 Series is a legacy replacement for the GG440 and other similar gyroscopes.

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