Western Electric 2N110  
Written by Accutron on 2010-01-21  

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Western Electric 2N110 point contact transistor (pictured in thumbnail)
Kearfott 2N110 point contact transistor

Introduced in 1955, the Western Electric 2N110 is a germanium point contact switching transistor similar to the original 2N21. Perhaps the most robust point contact device ever built, the 2N110 is intended for severe military applications and is useful over a wide temperature range.

The 2N110 is one of the only Western Electric transistors to be manufactured by a second source. In 1970, long after point contact transistors had become obsolete, Kearfott produced a run of 2N110 devices in gold-plated canisters.

Western Electric 2N110 Datasheet (PDF)

Western Electric 2N110 germanium point contact transistor.

Western Electric 2N110 with original box.

Kearfott 2N110 germanium point contact transistor.

Kearfott 2N110, underside construction.

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