Texas Instruments TI-2500 Series  
Written by Accutron on 2010-01-21  

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Texas Instruments TI-2500 Datamath Version 1 handheld calculator (pictured in thumbnail)
Texas Instruments TI-2500-II Datamath II handheld calculator
Texas Instruments TI-3500 desktop calculator

Introduced in 1972, The TI-2500 Datamath and TI-3500 are Texas Instruments' first production handheld and desktop calculators, respectively. Most variants of TI-2500 are built upon the TMS0119NC calculator chip, while the TI-3500 is based on the TMS0106NC and has a Burroughs Panaplex gas discharge display.

Two years after the Datamath, the Datamath II was introduced, utilizing the greatly simplified internal construction of the more recent TI-1500 calculator. The Datamath II has marginal improvments over the original Datamath, adding a percent function key and a more versatile battery arrangement.

Texas Instruments TI-2500 'Datamath', Version 1. The TI-2500 was first test-marketed in Dallas, Texas, beginning in June 1972, and was formally introduced on September 21, 1972. The example shown here is from the first production batch, manufactured between July and September of 1972.

TI-2500 display assembly, built from one DIS40 and one DIS95 LED display. Note these displays use the same epoxy mold as the TIL306, TIL308 and TIL309.

Texas Instruments TI-2500-II Datamath II calculator.

Texas Instruments TI-3500 desktop calculator.

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