Burroughs 'BIPCO' BIP-9203  
Written by Accutron on 2010-01-31  

The Burroughs BIP-9203 represents the pinnacle of Burroughs' long line of BIPCO Nixie-plus-decoder integrated display modules. Unlike most BIPCO modules, the rare BIP-9203 is designed for use with the ultra-miniature Burroughs B4998 end-view Nixie tube. While it is much larger than the B4998, Burroughs designed BIP-9203 in such a way as to not undermine the tiny digit size of the B4998.

Burroughs 'BIPCO' BIP-9203 integrated BCD decoder with a Burroughs B4998 miniature Nixie tube installed.

BIP-9203 and B4998. Unlike most BIPCO devices, the BIP-9203 has gold-plated pins and an elongated metal housing.

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