Sperry Rand UNIVAC 7052282-00  
Written by Accutron on 2010-02-01  

This ruggedized circuit card is a six-transistor control line driver from the UNIVAC CP-667 36-bit military computer. The CP-667 was intended for the US Navy's ill-fated Mobile OPCON program, and only three of these systems were ever built. The CP-667 logic was built from hybrid integrated circuits, similar to the first generation Western Electric ICP devices developed for the Bell/UNIVAC DPS-1.

Circuit cards of this type, salvaged from dismantled CP-667 systems, were reused in the Ground I/O and Control Console segments of the Univac 1830 (CP-823/U) Anti-Submarine Warfare Digital Computing System engineering prototype.

UNIVAC 7052282-00 Specifications (PDF)

Sperry Rand UNIVAC 7052282-00 Control Line Driver circuit card. Note the glass-packed capacitors and conformal coating, telltale evidence that this card originated from a military computer. The CP-667 is the only UNIVAC system known to use this reinforced 27-pin card style. Other UNIVAC systems from the same era use a 20-pin card.

UNIVAC 7052282-00, reverse. This card appears to be in new condition, without any scoring on the gold-plated pins to indicate that it had once been installed.

UNIVAC 7052282-00, enlargement of logo and unassembled board part number.

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