Federal Telephone & Radio 5J29  
Written by Accutron on 2010-05-24  

The 5J29 is an unusual device, a water-cooled split anode magnetron, used primarily in the AN/APT-4 radar jammer. Unlike a conventional multicavity magnetron, the 5J29 is effectively a miniature cyclotron accelerator. The 5J29 is best known as a GE product; the second-source FTR version is much rarer. The 5J29 operates at frequencies between 350 and 770MHz.

5J29 split anode magnetron.

The 5J29 in our collection was rescued from a hideous acrylic table lamp, once thought to be the singular result of a ham operator's misguided 'programmer art' sense of interior design. As it turns out, we were only partially correct - this lamp is actually mass-produced, and retails for $140. For the record, that's approximately $50 worth of tube and $90 worth of crap. According to the manufacturer, "the attractive acrylic base is in keeping with today's design trends." The lamp from which our specimen was liberated was last seen decorating the interior of a trash barrel at Dayton Hamvention 2010.

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