Hewlett-Packard HDSP-6508  
Written by Accutron on 2017-02-16  

The Hewlett-Packard HDSP-6508 is an 8-character alphanumeric LED display, similar to the Monsanto MAN2185 / Litronix DL2185. The HDSP-6508 is larger than the MAN2185, and each character has a full complement of 16 segments and two decimal point / colon separator elements. The MAN2185 gangs pairs of center segments together, to conserve on pin count. Like most alphanumeric displays from this era, each digit of the HDSP-6508 is constructed from a single monolithic planar die.

Although it has the general appearance of two horizontally stacked HDSP-2416 intelligent displays, the HDSP-6508 has no integrated character generation or drivers. All control must be supplied externally.

Hewlett-Packard HDSP-6508 alphanumeric LED display.

HDSP-6508 display under magnification.

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