Mostek MK5017BA  
Written by Accutron on 2017-04-15  

The Mostek MK5017P is an early PMOS clock controller with multiplexed display control, widely used in digital clocks in the mid-1970s. The MK5017P is capable of 50Hz or 60Hz operation, has an internal tone generator and requires only one power supply. The MK5017P was initially distributed in three variants: AA (alarm clock), AN (clock radio) and BB (calendar clock). The example pictured here is a MK5017BA, used in the Heathkit GC-1092D Time-Calendar Clock. The difference between the BA and BB calendar types is currently unknown.

Mostek MK5017P Datasheet (PDF)
Heathkit GC-1092D Time-Calendar Clock Schematic (PDF)

Mostek MK5017BA PMOS clock circuit.

MK5017BA installed in a Heathkit GC-1092D Time-Calendar Clock.

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