Below is an extensive collection of documentation for the Bulova Accutron, Accuquartz and Computron platforms. Documents are grouped by type, and all files are in PDF format.


Bulova Accutron Catalog: March 1972
Bulova Accutron Catalog: July 1972
1972 Watch Importers Association Catalog: Bulova Section

Correspondence & Press Releases

NASA to Omar Bradley: Explorer XI
Accutron Clock Aboard Gemini 7
Project Apollo: Bulova's Contribution
Industrial Timer Market Expands, Bulova Reports

Service Manuals & Technical Notes

Accutron Service Manual: Series 214
Accutron Service Manual: Series 218
Accutron: A Chronometric Micro-Powerplant

Accutron 214 Patents

US2888582 - Tuning Fork Oscillator
US2900786 - Timepiece Arrangement
US2908174 - Motion Transformer
US2929196 - Electric Timepiece
US2949727 - Electric Timepiece
US2960817 - Electrical Timepiece
US2971323 - Electronically-Controlled Timepiece
US3057147 - Motion Converter
US3070951 - Frequency-Adjustable Tuning Fork Type Vibrator for an Electrically Energized Timepiece
US3149274 - Electromagnetic Vibrating Drive
US3162006 - Tuning Fork for Electronic Timepiece
US3167905 - Motion Transformers for Electronically Controlled Timepiece
US3184981 - Electronically-Controlled Timepiece and Motion Transformer Therefor
US3202848 - Tuning Fork Frequency Adjuster
US3221190 - Transducer for Electronically-Controlled Timepiece
US3257794 - Stress Limiter for Electronic Timepiece Indexing Mechanism
US3262259 - Time Setting Mechanism for Electronic Timepieces

Accutron 218 Patents

US3421310 - Actuating Mechanism for Timepiece Date Indicator
US3421311 - Actuating Mechanism for Timepiece Date Indicator
US3599421 - Watch with Manually Adjustable Time-Zone-Setting Mechanism

Accutron 221 Patents

US3672153 - Miniaturized Battery-Operated Tuning-Fork Timepiece

Accutron 230 Patents

US3517288 - Transformer-Coupled Drive System for Tuning-Fork Oscillator
US3628323 - Miniaturized Electronic Watch
US3683613 - Miniaturized Movement for an Electronic Timepiece

Accuquartz 224 Patents

US3748845 - Electronic System Module for Crystal-Controlled Watch

Computron Patents

US3937002 - Solid State, Battery Operated Electronic Watch Having Arm-Actuated Switch
US3942316 - Sectioned Casing for Electronic Watches
US4015422 - Solid-State Electronic Watch Assembly
US4033108 - Automatic Cut-Off Setting System for LED Display in a Solid-State Watch
US4033110 - Solid-State Electronic Watch Assembly
US4316276 - Key-Operated Solid-State Timepieces